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International Nanoscale Zero-valent Iron Remediation Technology

Processing source of pollution and polluted feathers; No depth, pollution medium or space limits; Certified oxidation-reduction process; Quick clean, non-toxic intermediates

Groundwater Treatment and Remediation Technology

a) Groundwater Extraction Treatment Technology:According to groundwater pollution range, set up certain......b) Electrodynamic Remediation Technology:Add low-voltage DC electric field......

Volatile Organic Compounds and Polluted Site Remediation

a) Room Temperature Desorption Technology;b) Soil Gas Phase Extraction Technology;c) Chemical Oxidation/Reduction Technology

Heavy Metal Polluted Site Remediation Technology

a) Fixation and Stabilization Technology:Add heavy metal inhibitors and reinforced cementing......b) Ectopic Soil Leaching Technology:Technologies using physical separation, synergistic leaching.....


Jiangsu  Gangfeng Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. (Tiansheng), established in February 2016, is a high-tech business founded by Jiangsu Gangfeng Technology Group with the aim of developing environmental protection business further. Tiansheng is committed to the R&D and promotion of environmental pollution technologies, the construction of environmental engineering......

Latest News

Li Qiang, Secretary of the Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee, visited the Tianzhu Environmental Exhibition Stand
The signing ceremony of Jiangsu “263” Environmental Protection Industry Fund was successfully held
Sino-German Environmental Rehabilitation New Technology Exchange Conference was successfully held

Founded in 1953, Institute of Soil Science, CAS chiefly focuses on studying soil resource management, plant nutrition regulation, soil environmental protection, and soil ecosystem conservation, and has successively presided over four national “973” projects, one special technology fundamental work......

Züblin is an international leading environmental engineering company with more than 30 years of experience in contaminated site remediation, and groundwater, oil and air cleaning. Züblin has successful experiences in implementing more than 3,000 projects around the world......

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