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★ Processing source of pollution and polluted feathers
★ No depth, pollution medium or space limits
★ Certified oxidation-reduction process
★ Quick clean, non-toxic intermediates
★ Process many types of organic and inorganic pollutants
★ Easy to inject, flow with groundwater
★ Process many types of pollutants: Chlorinated hydrocarbons, pesticides, PCBs, heavy metals, nitrates
(Related patent: A Preparation of Nanoscale Zero-valent Iron Particles and Application Thereof to Removal of Chromium in Water, 201610222432.6)

Through site investigation, soil and underwater are contaminated by chromium, chloroform and 1-2 dichloroethane because of leakage problem occurred in workshops of some chemical enterprise. After detailed analysis of soil and underground water, we found that main contaminants in the contaminated soil are heavy metals and organic chlorine. The remediation area of underground water is 243㎡。

By scheme comparison in detail, it is determined to adopt nanoscale zero-valent iron remediation process for underground water based on results of site environment investigation and regional geological and hydrogeological features, with combination of remediation objective and consideration of technical feasibility and economic feasibility. The in-situ remediation acceptance and monitoring is conducted in 1 month after the remediation is completed, and the result shows the remediation project reaches the expected target.