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Institute of Soil Science, CAS

Founded in 1953, Institute of Soil Science, CAS chiefly focuses on studying soil resource management, plant nutrition regulation, soil environmental protection, and soil ecosystem conservation, and has successively presided over four national “973” projects, one special technology fundamental work, two major special technology research tasks, ten major and key “863” projects, one technical support plan project and more than ten research tasks, four major special technology projects in the public welfare sector, two major projects related to the national natural science foundation and nine major international cooperation projects.


Germany Züblin Engineering Co., Ltd.

Züblin is an international leading environmental engineering company with more than 30 years of experience in contaminated site remediation, and groundwater, oil and air cleaning. Züblin has successful experiences in implementing more than 3,000 projects around the world. Our business spreads in over 40 countries including European countries, the USA, Canada, Japan and Australia With more than 100 famous processes and technology patents
We have been leading the European market in no matter technology variety or experience, technology maturity and scale of the projects completed We can provide comprehensive services: Planning design, assessment, equipment supply, general contraction and operation. Underground water and soil treatment devices developed and made by us independently amount to 5,200 or more sets (pieces).


School of environmental and chemical engineering, jiangsu university of science and technology

It has undertaken 12 projects of national natural science foundation of China and 14 projects of jiangsu natural science foundation of China. Project 863, national key scientific and technological breakthrough project, jiangsu science and technology project support project, jiangsu university natural science fund, zhenjiang social development project and enterprise entrusted project and other 60 items, the total scientific research funds of more than 10 million yuan, has achieved a number of high-level teaching and scientific research results.


Meihua environmental engineering (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

MWH is a us technology and management consultancy focused on infrastruture, the global "water infrastructure", and provides customers with comprehensive solutions. Meihua environmental engineering co., LTD. (Shanghai) is an active company engaged in municipal sewage. Industrial sewage, tap water, water environmental pollution prevention and ecological restoration, soil and groundwater restoration, energy conservation and emission reduction, industrial safety/health/environmental protection (EHS), tailings disposal and other work, to provide comprehensive environmental solutions consulting services.