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Sailing, we continue to set sail--Remembering the Baohua Kaimei project after winning the bid

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2016/12/02 16:18
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I once read this passage in the book: Success is a sweet wine, success is a wonderful poem, success is a warm sunshine, and success records my best feeling. At this time, the mood is just like this sentence - October 28, 2016, it is a day worth celebrating for the Tianzhu environment. Through the team's cooperation efforts, we successfully got the first project of our company.

As a company for environmental protection and pollution control, Tianzhu is a young child who is ignorant of learning. The winning bid of Baohua Kaimei Project also marks the official entry into this field. When we taste the joy of success, we review this. More than six months of hard work, from the official project of the project in April to the issuance of the bid-winning notice, the whole process of the effort, and finally exchanged this successful wine.

Throughout the whole process of the project, the close coordination of the team and the perfect control of the details are the most important factors for our success. If we compare the whole process to a battle, then Kaimei is the city we ultimately need to occupy. In the middle, leadership is like a powerful air force, controlling the entire city from the top and indicating the correct route of the battle. As an executor, we are like ground combat troops. We have successfully cooperated with this with close cooperation and perfect execution. "City". The experience given to me is a successful team. It is inseparable from the excellent leaders and guides the way forward. It is also inseparable from the executors who are willing to work hard and make every detail to the extreme. As said in the "Encourage Learning": there is no ambition, no illusion; no innocent things, no heroes.

The signing of the project contract is only an affirmation of our previous stage work, and there are more difficult construction tasks in front of us. For example, it is a top priority to complete the repair of the site safely and effectively on time, such as speeding up the team. Expand, accelerate technology digestion, seek new projects, and so on. Therefore, we will definitely cherish this hard-won opportunity and make persistent efforts. At present, we are catching up with the period when environmental protection is gradually improving. There are still many projects we may be fighting for, and the new journey is waiting for us in front. The winning bid should be our battle drum and the horn of progress. Therefore, in the future work, we will keep in mind the purpose of the company, with full of enthusiasm, all wisdom, hard work, devoted to every day of work, teamwork, and the pursuit of excellence.

"Xiongguan is really like iron, but now it is getting better from the beginning." In the Long March, we only took the first step; we also passed the first level with difficulties and obstacles. With the mission, take stock of the bags, sail, we continue to sail!