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"Contaminated site repair technology research and development and industrialization" project won the Jurong Juqing competition

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2016/12/16 16:28
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In this fruitful harvest season, the Jurong Final of the 2016 “Jihui Rongcheng” Youth College Entrepreneurship Competition in Jurong City, Jiangsu Province was successfully held on September 21st at Jurong Kaiyuan Hotel. The 20 outstanding projects selected in the preliminaries participated in the finals, and our company's “Risk Site Restoration Technology R&D and Industrialization” was included in the finals.

In the final part of the PPT speech session and answering session, the team representative and assistant general manager of Tianzhu Environmental Company, Mr. Yang Shengzhe made a detailed report on the market prospects, business model, technical support, and investment return. The outstanding completion was completed. The key to the competition was the free question and answer session. The judges questioned the profitability and operation of the project. The team representative Yang Shengzhe calmly calmed down and gave detailed answers to the questions of the judges. He won the praise. After the judging committee conducted a fierce and serious review, the company's participating project “Risk site repair technology research and development and industrialization” won the final championship. This is the full affirmation of Jurong City's project on the restoration of contaminated sites. It is also a full affirmation of Mr. Yang Shengzhe's ability to speak. He will also receive a project grant of 250,000 yuan from Jurong Municipal Government.