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2016/12/16 16:29
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Recently, entrusted by the Jiangsu Provincial Federation of Trade Unions, Bao Dacheng, vice chairman of the Zhenjiang Municipal Federation of Trade Unions and member of the party group, made a special trip to Jiangsu Gangfeng Technology Group to hold the awarding ceremony of “Zhenjiang Model Workers' Home”. Leaders of the group company, trade union members, and department heads attended the ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by Chen Huabao, chairman of the Federation of Border Cities and Towns.

The awarding ceremony was kicked off in the warm speech of Chen Huabao, Chairman of the Border Town Federation of Trade Unions. The vice president of the group company Zhu Wenhao reported on the establishment of the staff home. Vice Chairman Bao Dacheng of Zhenjiang City General Union read the commendation decision and published it. The important speech, while expressing warm congratulations, affirmed the development of Gangfeng and raised hopes. He hoped that the Gangfeng Trade Union would continue its efforts, earnestly perform its duties, persist in reform and innovation, and keep the trade union work keeping pace with the development of the times.

After the ceremony, Bao Dacheng and his entourage inspected the staff library, the cultural and sports activity room, the staff lecture hall, and the construction results of the Hong Kong Peak workers' home were fully affirmed and recognized by the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions.