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Director of the Department of Land and Resources, Director Li, inspects the environment

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2017/05/10 16:34
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At 15:00 on April 27th, Li Wei, Director of the Department of Land and Resources of Jiangsu Province, accompanied by the leaders of Mayor Pan Qun and Vice Mayor Hou Huafeng of Jurong City, visited Jiangsu Tianzhu Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.

Director Li and his entourage visited the Tianzhu environment. Director Yang introduced the project case of soil remediation and sewage treatment, the direction of industrial development and the scientific research and development. Director Li has a strong interest in the treatment and restoration of contaminated soil. He carefully asked Yang Shengzhe, the technical director of Jiangsu Tianzhu Company: how to detect and control the principles and methods before the treatment of contaminated soil, the cost and cycle of governance, and governance. After the effect verification and so on. When he heard the company's introduction of advanced soil remediation technology in Germany, under the influence of the policy of “Ten Ten Articles”, when he eliminated all difficulties and increased the input of material resources, manpower and financial resources to carry out soil pollution control work, Director Li gave high recognition and praise.

In recent years, the company has firmly grasped the “ One Belt, One Road ” and environmental protection priority market opportunities, accelerated transformation and upgrading, and achieved remarkable results with the full recognition of the leaders of the provinces and municipalities.